Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

A quote will be provided after we complete our audit and will be based on several factors like average traffic per month, unique monthly visitors, the nature of the work, and estimated delivery timelines.

Currently we can only accept payments through PayPal. Gaspify will track its time each month and send invoices to one verified and secured email address which you have complete unlimited access.

We’re proud to be one of the most simple solutions in the market for E-Commerce, Startups, Small Businesses, SaaS and Online Brands that struggle to hire talent in Analysis, Marketing, Automation, AI Solutions, UX Design, Web Development or effective A/B Test Strategy.

We'll review activity via Analytics, Ads Performance, Heatmaps, Screen Recordings and unlike our competitors connect directly through APIs using Machine Learning algorithms for the best insights.

Our team will set a time to speak with you on areas we think you could use our help and provide you our quote. From there we will draft detailed statements of work, billing schedules and agreements.

Need more info? Contact us.

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